Business Intelligence Group srl

BIG Srl is a high-tech consultancy company registered in the register of the Ministry of Economic Development (Decree-law 179/2012). BIG srl was founded in 2019 by Gianni Bientinesi, Sociologist expert in marketing and market research, and Aethia srl, one of the most important Italian companies specialized in high performance calculation sector applied to scientific research.

BIG Consulting & Research

Business Intelligence Group is one of the few companies in Italy able to support its customers (Large Distribution, Manufacturers, Communication Agencies, Consulting Companies and Market Research Institutes) from carrying out market surveys to the implementation of hardware systems and software for the development of reports and analysis of large data quantities (Data Lake).

Business Intelligence Group Srl makes use of a proprietary technological platform enabling to collect, organize and analyze a large amount of data through big data techniques and artificial intelligence systems. The company also offers consulting and training services through the e-learning platform regarding marketing and corporate communication.

Areas of specialization

The company specializes in high-tech and innovative activities for the organization and design of useful services for the implementation of online and offline strategic plans. Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Group è specializes in issues concerning

  • Retail and Large Distribution
  • Home and Living
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Eco-sustainability
  • Health and wellness

Our offices:

  • Head Office, Novara (NO)
  • Research and Innovation Center, Colleretto Giacosa (TO)
  • Marketing and Communication Department, Milano (MI)

Innovation and Research
With the introduction of the decree-law 179/2012, Italy has adopted an organic regulation aimed at promoting the birth and growth of new high-tech companies. The policy objective is to support the development of an innovation-oriented entrepreneurial ecosystem, capable of creating new jobs and attracting human and financial capital from the world. Learn more

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