Brand analysis with B Index

“In my opinion, Health, Accessibility, Eco-sustainability and Innovation will be the driving factors of the world economy and I believe that they will determine the future of our planet” Gianni Bientinesi (CEO Business Intelligence Group)

Brand analysis with B Index

How brand analysis works with B Index

BIG Researchers and Analysts have developed B Index: a tool for brand analysis and both a research methodology that allows you to understand how much a Company is considered “intelligent” by its target audience. This means you can get how much it is recognized for his commitment to offer accessible, innovative, eco-sustainable and health-conscious products or services.

From a scientific point of view the great news was managing to bring together a series of approaches in a coherent way: focus groups, online interviews, web analysis through AI and macro trends from institutional sources.

Thanks to this methodology it is possible to bring together a personal point of view, an indirect one and a third of context: the result is summarized in performance index ranging from 0 to 1000.

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What are the advantages of B Index?

  • Objectivity of the brand analysis: the index takes into account not only the people opinions regarding the Brand but also what is observed through the behavior of online users and the socio-economic context of the reference country

  • Scientific validity: the model was created thanks to the collaboration of experts from the most prestigious Italian and international universities

  • Usefulness of the results: we can tell you how your brand is perceived by your target, what your strengths and priority intervention actions are

  • Benchmark possibility: we have analyzed over 100 brands in 6 macro sectors in order to allow you to compare the strength of your Brand (Home and Furniture, Garden, Retail and Large Distribution, Food and Catering, Fashion and Clothing, Health and Wellness)

  • Non-stop updating: the reference index is updated every time a new brand is introduced

  • Strategicity: it is possible to analyze your Brand and compare it with your main competitors

  • Creation speed: we can tell you how smart your brand is in 5 working days

  • Easy consultation of results: it is possible to access the main KPIs through a dedicated online platform

  • No software license required

  • No new hardware required

  • A BIG consultant will be dedicated to you to grant you all the support in all phases of the project

  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere.

  • Pay only what you need: we have optimized all research phases (Sample, Data collection, Analysis and Reporting)