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How Big Analytics data analysis software works

  • Big Analytics software allows to analyze data starting from any source (e.g. financial data, company KPI, customer interviews, etc.) and makes them available in standard formats (e.g. CSV) or through direct access to the database

  • It allows to import your data into Big Analytics
  • It allows to select the data you want to view with just a click

  • You can choose the type of chart (dashboard, lines, histograms, pie, etc.) or table for the report creation

  • You can view your dynamic report online

  • It allows to download charts and data in the format you prefer or to share your report online with other users

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Advantages of Big Analytics Software

  • The software is always being updated in terms of reliability, efficiency, flexibility

  • Maximum integration with existing softwares

  • Speed and ease of use for users through simple and intuitive graphic interfaces

  • No software license required

  • No new hardware required

  • No maintenance contract needed

  • A BIG consultant dedicated to you to give you all the support in all phases of the project

  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere.

  • You pay only what you need: we provide a simple tariff plan according to your specific needs

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Tariff plans available for Big Analytics

Tariff Plan indicated below is for indicative purposes only.
According to specific needs, BIG consultants are able to find the solution tailored to your business.

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Free1 day
  • Access to platform in demo version


150,00Monthly subscription
  • Access to platform for one month
  • VAT not included in this price


999,00Annual subscription
  • Access to platform for one year
  • VAT not included in this price