What is Business Intelligence?

The term Business Intelligence first appeared in 1958 when Hans Peter Luhn, a German researcher and inventor of IBM, coined this term. Business Intelligence is that holistic multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach allowing to understand the profound meaning of the things that are fundamental for the creation of all those actions that help you “transform” a satisfied customer into a happy person. An ancient Eastern proverb says that when a finger points at the Moon, the fool looks at the finger. Thinking of this in the environment we live in, which is strangled by the digitalization of our lives, we can reflect on the predominant role that tools nowadays have  compared to feelings.

The book “People beyond numbers”

Business Intelligence is proposed today as a new multidisciplinary approach that starts from the analysis of data, Big and Small, up to people’s stories, in order to direct companies to adopt a more complete strategy.

Not only algorithms, approach, open-mindedness, sharing and communication of what the strategic company objectives are.

People Beyond Numbers aims to offer a deeper insight into Business Intelligence, the discipline that rethinks the role of marketing in order to propose a new model, more aware and responsible, to guide business strategies.