Analysis and Customer Experience projects with B Experience

Exclusive methodology developed by BIG for the detection of the Customer Experience of your Customers. Knowing your customers’ satisfaction with your products or services is the basis for developing a relationship with them. B Experience allows you to detect the overall experience that customers have throughout their entire interaction with the company: not only shopping, but a relationship including customer care and interaction with the brand.

customer experience projects

Customer Experience Projects

We are able to develop Customer Experience projects thanks to the flexibility of our detection systems (online interviews, telephone interviews, point of sale interviews).

With B Experience we are able to:

  • Detect the quality perceived by your customers
  • Collect the experience made by your customers on all the company’s touchpoints
  • Develop continuous improvement plans

BIG researchers are experts in building Customer Experience projects

  • Definition of what it is useful to monitor in order to improve the customer experience
  • Reconstruction of the customer journey for the definition of company contact points
  • Choice of the best detection technique (Online, Telephonic, Personal)
  • Real-time interviews monitoring
  • Quality control on all interviews with sample verification by telephone recall on the interviewees
  • Executive Summary with operational indications
  • Implementation of a development plan starting from the priority intervention areas

What are the advantages of B Experience?

  • Capillary level in Europe of “Mysterious Customers” network

  • Objectivity and flexibility of surveys thanks to the experience grown in complex scenarios

  • Guarantee of privacy and anonymity to protect workers from any forms of supervision
  • Scientific validity: the model was created thanks to the collaboration of experts from the most prestigious Italian and international universities

  • Usefulness of the results: we are able to tell you how your brand is perceived by your target, what your strengths and priority intervention actions are

  • Ability to Benchmark the main KPIs compared to your competitors

  • Speed of realization: we can give the actual idea of the quality delivered by your network in less than 5 working days

  • Easy consultation of results: it is possible to access the main KPIs through a dedicated online platform

  • No software license required

  • No new hardware required

  • A BIG consultant dedicated to you to give you all the support in all phases of the project

  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere.

  • Pay only what you need: we have optimized all research phases (Sample, Data collection, Analysis and Reporting)

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