Big E-Learning training courses

In recent years, BIG professionals have developed a training plan that meets 80% of the training needs of a successful manager. All training courses are designed to be always fully operational. The objective is to ensure greater effectiveness of the precious time dedicated to training/considerations. The service includes 4 dedicated online sessions of 40 minutes each.

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How Big E-Learning works

  • Choose the training module you would like to follow

  • Fill in the form choosing the course of interest

  • Select date and time of your first online workshop session with a BIG expert

  • Take part in the four 40-mins sessions

  • Download the report with the technical evaluation on the probability of success of your business idea

Our online classes

Market Research Methodology and Techniques

Elements of Neuromarketing and Emotional Marketing

Data Strategy and Data Quality


Methodologies for the creation of a DataDriven communication plan

How to create an integrated marketing plan

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Advantages of Big E-Learning

  • We are a team of professionals with more than twenty years’ experience in the field of market research, marketing and communication for the main international brands

  • We know in depth the markets related to Home, Retail, Innovation, Health and Eco-sustainability

  • We are experts in the creation of methodologies that allow to optimize times and investments

  • We will always be at your side to guarantee the best possible solutions

  • We have worked for years within complex organizations and we know their values, organizational logics and how they work: we know the information necessary to make the correct decisions and grow business

  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere.

  • You pay only what you need and only what brings real added value to your business

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