Telephone Interview

CATI / WATI / Phone2Web

The partner company for field management guarantees optimization of samples, the use of profiled contact lists, questionnaires programmed with specific latest generation software.

This type of organization aims to minimize the possibility of errors during the interviews and create the conditions to guarantee real-time quality checks and KPI monitoring.

In particular, the customer can:

  • Monitor all KPIs during interviews to highlight errors and inconsistencies
  • Listen to the interviews in real time
  • Report any corrective actions during the detection
  • Analyze the performance of each interviewer
Telephone Interview

Face to Face interviews

Big Srl is able to carry out Face to Face interviews through the widespread network of interviewers located throughout the national and international territory. Our strong international vocation has allowed us to carry out market studies in European countries and in the USA.

This type of organization allows us to carry out accurate investigations within the shops / shopping centers by investigating the customer experience

face to face interviews
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