Market estimations and forecast models with Big Forecast

Market simulations carried out using forecast models are useful tools for planning future activities. Our forecast models help you anticipate your vision on the future market in order to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

market estimations big forecast

How Big Forecast models work

  • It defines the data you want to estimate (e.g. sales volumes, number of customers, online traffic volumes, turnover etc ..)

  • It imports your historical data on Big_Forecast portal

  • Selects with just a click the time axis to be estimated (e.g. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years estimate etc ..)

  • It chooses the graph (dashboard, lines, histograms, pie, etc.) or table for the creation of the report

  • It allows to view your report online with the estimation result

  • It downloads the charts in the format you prefer or allows to share your report with other users online

Experience the benefits of Big Forecast, test market simulations and forecasting models

Benefits of Big Forecast software

  • Constantly updated algorithms thanks to self-learning systems (A.I.)

  • Accuracy of forecast estimations (below 5% statistical error)

  • Speed and ease of use for users through simple and intuitive graphic interfaces

  • No software license required

  • No new hardware required

  • No maintenance contract needed

  • A BIG consultant dedicated to you to give you all the support in all phases of the project

  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere.

  • You pay only what you need: we provide a simple tariff plan according to your specific needs