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The company specializes in high-tech and innovative activities for organizing and designing useful services for the implementation of online and offline strategic plans.

Retail and Large Distribution

  • Type of Customer: Leader company in Italy for the sale of electric household equipment and consumer electronics
  • Customer goal: understand the market potential of the square in Milan for the opening of new stores
  • Methodology applied: Geointelligence analysis based on territorial data, analysis of household spending, competitive pressure, etc.
  • Data Analysis: definition of an algorithm for estimating the expenditure of people on certain categories of product
  • Output provided: Executive Summary with the main strategic evidence. Interactive online map allowing to easily view the microzone district of Milan where there was greater probability of achieving the ROI objectives (Return on investment)

Home and Living

  • Type of Customer: global leader in the marketing of products for ornament, maintenance and renovation of HOMES
  • Customer goal: change market positioning from a do-it-yourself chain to a contact person
  • Methodology applied: creation of a permanent Research Observatory through the use of different methodologies (Workshop with Stakeholders, In-depth interviews with the population, analysis of online conversations, etc. ..). Launch of an international contest to collect all the stimuli from the best designers in the world.
  • Data Analysis: identification of the main living trends by integrating the different sources of information
  • Output provided: Executive Summary with the main strategic evidence useful for the evolution of the range, store concept and integrated communication plan. Creation of an online platform on which to share the various aspects of the project. Strategic support for the creation of a Magazine dedicated to the House of Tomorrow.

Automotive and Transportation

  • Type of Customer: Global leading company for the production and marketing of industrial vehicles
  • Customer goal: estimate the global sales volumes for the next 3-5-10 years
  • Methodology applied: development of a dynamic forecasting model
  • Data Analysis: identification of the main variables by analyzing sector macro trends
  • Output provided: online simulation system in which it is possible to enter the reference parameters in order to estimate sales volumes according to the year of analysis (error estimated below 1%)

Eco-sustainability, Technology and Innovation

  • Type of customer: company producing electric motors
  • Customer goal: global estimation of sales volumes for the development of an electric motor for last mile logistics
  • Methodology applied: sector study to understand the different socio-economic contexts of the main European countries. Desk analysis on the regulatory part in terms of design. In-depth interviews with the main opinion leaders for the purchase of micro-logistics material
  • Data Analysis: integrated analysis of the different sources
  • Output provided: executive summary of the main market evidences and operational suggestions for planning the production of new products for the target market

Health and Wellness

  • Type of customer: company specialized in the distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Customer goal: understand the customer journey of those who need to buy over-the-counter pharmaceutical products
  • Methodology applied: in-depth interviews with a representative sample of the population who recently purchased at least one over-the-counter product
  • Data Analysis: analysis of purchasing behavior and cluster analysis on attitudes
  • Output provided: executive summary of the main market evidences and operational suggestions for planning the communication campaign to specific target customers
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