We carry out Desk Analysis and Market Studies

The Desk or Desk Research analysis consists in the research, evaluation and possible re-processing of information already collected from official sources (Istat, Bank of Italy, Euromonitor etc. ..). Big is able to carry out studies in the sectors related to Retail, innovation, Health and Eco-sustainability by creating personalized dossiers that are easy to read and interpret.

For over 20 years our researchers have been carrying out research and sector studies thanks to the in-depth analysis of the data made available by public and private institutions including:

Ministry of Economic Development

Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) is the department of the Italian government which includes industrial policy, international trade, communications and energy. It was established in 2006, after the reorganization of the Ministry of Productive Activities (until 2001 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts), to which the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of International Trade were merged in 2008.


The National Institute of Statistics is an Italian public research body dealing with general population censuses, services and industry, agriculture, sample surveys on families and general economic surveys at national level.


The Statistical Office of the European Union is a directorate-general of the European Commission collecting and processing data from the Member States of the European Union for statistical purposes, promoting the adjustment process  of the statistical methodology between the States themselves.


It represents the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research. It is a British company that provides a platform for global market intelligence for customers in the manufacturing, retail and other sectors.

Mainly the data is used by companies in order to understand their potential to enter the market on a global scale, measure the market share between their brands all over the world and compare with competitors.


ESOMAR is the global voice of data, research and insights community. A truly global association, which provides ethical and professional guidance and supports on behalf of our global membership community, since 1947. ESOMAR is a non-profit organization promoting value of market, opinion, social research and data analysis.

Banca d’Italia

Also known as Bankitalia, it is the central bank of the Italian Republic, since 1998 an integral part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). It is a public law institution.


Nomisma S.p.A. is a consultancy company founded in 1981 in Bologna by a group of economists, including Romano Prodi, with the support of some banks or large economic bodies. At present the shareholders include Italian and foreign financial institutions and business groups.

Confederazione generale dell’industria italiana

The General Confederation of Italian Industry, also known as Confindustria, is the main representative organization of Italian manufacturing and service companies, grouping over 150,000 companies on a voluntary basis, also including banks and since 1993 also public companies for a total of 5,439,370 employees.


Statista is a German web portal for statistics, which makes available data collected by institutions that deal with market research and opinions, as well as statistics regarding the economic and state sphere. The company declares that on its platform there are statistics regarding more than 80,000 topics resulting from more than 22,500 sources.


The Nielsen Company is a multinational company based in the United States, created in 1964 by the merger of two Dutch publishing houses, De Spaarnestad and Cebema. Originally the name was Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeversbedrijven, which means “United Dutch publishing houses”. His name was shortened to VNU in 1999.


In the EU, national and local institutions Federdistribuzione represents and brings together the distribution companies operating in food and non-food sectors carrying out their business through the most innovative formulas of modern commerce: shopping centers and hypermarkets.

The institutional activities implemented by Federdistribuzione, including the preparation of studies and research, are based on transparency and fairness, moreover they contribute to public decision-making process through a transparent action protecting interests

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