Intelligent Detection Systems

This analyzes the behavior of your customers with the use of intelligent biometric data detection systems. It allows you to spontaneously collect behaviors, perceptions and evaluations from customers or online users that can hardly be detected with other search techniques. For this reason, indirect detection tools are essential to have a more complete vision that goes beyond behavioral observation or verbal analysis.

Listening to the web in order to analyze people’s behavior

Studying Google searches to create successful campaigns

Understanding emotions to amaze your customers

Find out about the technological prevention solutions for companies developed by BIG in accordance with recent government directives.

By taking advantage of the evolution of scientific research and the introduction of ever more sophisticated information technologies and intelligent detection systems, we began to measure whatever is measurable from a biological, cognitive and social point of view.

intelligent detection systems

Big WebListening

Service developed by BIG allowing you to create integrated research projects in order to monitor online conversations and analysis of trends by analyzing social network posts (keywords, photographic material, etc.).

An indispensable system for creating digital marketing strategies.



Big Answers

What are the most frequently asked questions on the web? BIG has developed the service that responds to the needs of those who create editorial content and communication projects to understand what the trends, in terms of online research, are.

A fundamental tool for those who need to create successful online content.

Big Emotions

Through a camera, even a simple web cam, BIG is able to develop projects to analyze people’s emotional responses.

The system is based on the identification of the reference points on the person’s face which are coded in order to recognize the main emotions aroused by the visual stimulus. A service designed for those who need to develop ADV campaigns or new communication concepts.