Data Analytics and Software Development

Take control of your business with data analysis software. Thanks to the online platform developed by BIG you can enhance and make your company’s huge data assets accessible and simple.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization systems to control your business performance

GeoIntelligence tools to develop your sales network

Forecast models and data analytics to estimate your target market and its evolution over the years

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By connecting to our online platform, you can now quickly and easily access a suite of analytical tools to develop your business: the suite of tools developed by the Business Intelligence Group.

data analysis software

Big Analitycs

Our online Reporting and Data Visualization platform allows you to make real time decisions.

Big Geo

Our Geomarketing system is able to support you in improving the territory knowledge in order to develop the sales network and conquer your potential local market.

Big Forecast

Our forecast models help you anticipate your vision on the future market in order to always be one step ahead of your competitors.