Market Surveys and Researches

Markets are constantly evolving: new competitors, new products, new channels, new needs. Surveys and Market Researches allow us to deeply understand what dynamics and motivations are at the basis of certain choices made by Customers. They also allow us to foresee their connected behaviors: companies using them are one step ahead of their competitors. An effective marketing activity requires a careful market analysis evaluating the dimensions and the characteristics of the demand and supply with the aim of providing accurate information.

Desk Analysis and Market Surveys

Desk Research consists in researching, evaluating and eventually re-elaborating information already collected from official sources (Istat, Bank of Italy, Euromonitor, Statesman etc. ..).

Focus Group

The Focus Group is the main technique for in-depth qualitative and motivational analyzes. BIG researchers are specialists able to organize and analyze traditional and online focus groups.

Online Panel

The provider panel partner of Business Intelligence uses more than 300 profiling criteria to meet specific target needs in order to ensure greater precision and optimization of contacts

Face to Face & Telephone Interviews

We carry out Face to Face interviews through the network of interviewers located on national and international territories. The highest quality standards is guaranteed for telephone interviews.

Learn more about B Index

BIG researchers and analysts have developed B Index, the research methodology that allows you to understand how “intelligent” a company is considered to be by its target audience. This means that you can find out how well it is recognized for its commitment to offer accessible, innovative, eco-friendly and health-conscious products or services.

Learn more about B Mystery

This is the tool developed by Business Intelligence Group for detecting and evaluating the performance provided by your sales network. B Mystery shows you the concrete actions to take to actually improve your service level.

Learn more about B Experience

The exclusive methodology developed by BIG for detecting the Customer Experience of your Customers. B Experience allows you to have the opportunity to understand how to establish a unique relationship with your customers

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How BIG Market Research and Surveys Service works

  • Define what your information needs are

  • Contact a BIG researcher who will help you turn your needs into field research

  • Cooperate with BIG experts on the creation of the detection tools necessary for your project (eg definition of methodology, definition of the target, creation of the sample, drafting of management tracks, development of structured questionnaires, etc.)

  • Follow detection in real time (e.g. through unidirectional mirrors for focus groups or through dynamic dashboards for online interviews)

  • Analyze the main research results together with our experts

  • Define short, medium and long-term action plan based on the insights emerged from the research

Advantages of developing Studies and Market Research with BIG

  • We are a team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the field of market research for the main international brands
  • We carefully choose the best methodological and technological solutions for the development of the project
  • We are fast in carrying out all research phases (e.g. we are able to carry out 1000 online interviews with a consumer target in 3 working days)
  • In-depth knowledge of markets related to Home, Retail, Innovation, Health and Eco-sustainability
  • We are experts in the realization of methodologies that allow to optimize times and investments
  • We have worked for years within complex organizations and we know their values, organizational logics and how they work: we know the information necessary to make the correct decisions and grow business
  • We will always be at your side to grant the best possible solutions
  • A service always at hand: Everybody, Everytime, Everywhere

  • You pay only what you need and only what brings real added value to your business
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